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Momentum Business Advisor, personal support to grow your Cisco business

Welcome to TDAzlan’s Momentum Business Advisor team - a team of multi lingual Azlan program experts – available to our customers wanting to build a successful business practice with Cisco.

The Momentum Business Advisor team will provide best-in-class support for onboarding and enabling Cisco resellers. The team will provide expert assistance on every aspect of Cisco programs, processes and incentives, as well as advice on training, specializations and business development.

The program is designed for SMB resellers and guides you through the evolutionary journey from Cisco & Azlan:

- Which Cisco programs, promotions, and resources are available to you and how do you make most out of them
- Which Azlan programs, tools and resources are available to you to easily transact Cisco and help you close bigger deals

To contact your Momentum Business Advisor today, please dial the number for your country. The team is available from Monday to Friday during local business hours.



Spain +34 935456034
France +33 481680589
Germany +49 91130888010
United Kingdom +44 2070783520
Sweden +46 184771019
Belgium, French MBA Support +32 24160136
Norway +47 22635921
Denmark +45 32712530
Netherlands +31 20 655 14 19


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