Quoting & Ordering Cisco SMARTnet just got easy!

Introducing Felix by TD Azlan

Using Felix, our Cisco selling partners now have complete visibility of the full lifecycle of SMARTnet services contracts. The first service of its kind to be made available by a Cisco distributor in Europe, Felix will enable our partners to generate SMARTnet quotes and orders faster and more accurately. It also ensures that our partners are made always aware of opportunities to renew Cisco SMARTnet service contracts with registered customers.

Designed to be both powerful and easy to use, Felix is fully integrated with Cisco’s own ordering systems and provides complete end-to-end integration, from the identification of opportunities through to quoting, ordering and confirmation of the service contracts. Felix also provides auto contract registration.

Importantly, Felix is much easier and more efficient than Cisco’s more complex Services Management System (SMS), which up to now has been the only online system available to partners for the management of Cisco SMARTnet service contracts. Given Felix's simplicity, our partners can free up time giving them a much better chance of winning business and improving customer satisfaction.

A critical component of the system is the renewals management function – a unique tool that can be used to search for contract renewals that are due with a fixed period. Resellers can use this feature to search for contracts with their registered customers that are due to expire within any period and use Felix to generate an appropriate quotation in advance.

Another important feature is Click To View, which enables our partners to authorise Cisco to provide Felix with visibility of all Cisco SMARTnet contracts that they have sold, in addition to those that were originally signed-up via TD Azlan. This enables the our partners to maximise the potential of Felix to generate renewals business.

Felix has many more great features, so contact your local Azlan Sales Team if you want to benefit from this revolutionary new ecommerce platform!

"Click 2 View"

When you first log in to Felix you will automatically be able to see all the SMARTnet contracts you have previously purchased through Azlan.

To fully utilise the contract management capabilities of the Felix platform, we can now arrange for all of your SMARTnet contract data, regardless of where you purchased initially, to be uploaded into Felix by using the Cisco “Click 2 View” program.

To allow Cisco to gather all of your contract data, the process is as below:

  • When registering for Felix, please supply your CCO ID and Company name and click yes to click2view
  • We will submit a Click 2 View request to Cisco
  • Cisco will request approval from the email address linked to the CCO ID provided
  • Upon reseller clicking accept, Cisco will collate all contract data linked to Company name
  • Contract data will be emailed, in excel format, to both us and the reseller concerned
  • We upload the contract data into Felix to allow for easy management within one platform

Please note that Click 2 View does not allow Azlan to continually receive updates on contracts you may purchase from another distributor, so, following a Click 2 View request, should you purchase contracts elsewhere and wish for them to be uploaded into Felix, a new Click 2 View request will need to be submitted.

In order to register for Click 2 View, please go here.

Additionally, please see contact your local Azlan Account Manager who can apply for Click To View on your behalf and load your renewal data into Felix.

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